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I need tea

I have no milk, and I need tea. It is a sad state of affairs. To be fair, hubby is out at Asda now doing the weekly shop, so I won’t have long to wait. I have made do with a hot chocolate which has been in the cupboard for an extensive period of time – it may be questionable, but it filled a hole.

It’s been a poorly week in the WonderFi household. TWM wasn’t right from Sunday until Thursday, which has been really hard work. He never wanted put down and would cry if I did try. In consequence I haven’t been able to do anything much around the house and have felt like I’ve been chasing my tail. It really affects me when I am not up-to-date with house stuff – I can’t just say sod it and live in a midden. I am aware that this makes me somewhat obsessive, but I have made my peace with it. It has made me worried about going back to work in the sense that I will still have all the same amount of work to do, but with a LOT less time available. And the time I do have available, I will want to be spending it with TWM. How do working mums do it? Seriously, answers on a postcard please. I worry that my housework problem will mean I end up spending precious time with my son doing other stuff instead :o( Anyway, he had a rash, was in clear pain at times, and often refused to feed altogether, either solids or my milk. It was a challenge, but we’re through the other side now and he woke up this morning laughing – much more his normal self, he’d woken up crying most mornings this week.

In happier news, I spent a long weekend in Yorkshire last week – staying with an old friend, and meeting, in real life, people I have spoken to online for a while. It was a lovely time and I counted my blessings to have so many wonderful people I can count as friends.

Tonight we are putting TWM to bed and then having our Valentines meal, which will be either the £20 deal from Markies or the £10 one from Sainsburys. It is so easy to take time spent just the two of us for granted now that so much of life revolves around the baby, so I am looking forward to some time to re-connect.


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