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Health in all ways

It’s been a challenging few weeks in WonderFi Towers. Those that know me will probably know that my husband suffers from recurring mental health problems, which have unfortunately reared their ugly heads again in the last month or so. When he’s in the midst of one of his episodes he is just a shadow of his normal self. None of the spark, the humour, the personality that makes him him. We always get through it together, with a few bangs and scrapes along the way. It does hurt though. It can be a very lonely time – he is my best friend, and when he shuts himself into his own sad world it’s hard not to feel rejected. I know that’s not his intention though, so I need to continue being his strength while he cannot be his own.

My return to work is speedily approaching. TWM had his first settling-in session at nursery yesterday; he seemed to love it. He slept for almost two hours afterwards so think it tired him out! I have a Keeping in Touch day on Thursday so he will have his first full day. I reckon he’ll be fine, it’ll be me who struggles! I still don’t know what branch I will be returning to; things seem to be a bit complicated in the district with demotions and moves. I am not too bothered though as I know I’ll be in the near-by area. Hopefully I’ll get a staff team who are willing to work with me.

Today I am mainly laughing at this blog – do people actually do these?! Maybe it’s actually a challenge to me to be more thrifty. I shall start making purses from old bikinis forthwith.

TWM is a star, as always. He’s started cruising around the furniture so I’m having to be constantly alert for where he might be and what he might be touching. No more cups of tea left on the coffee table.

Cruising boy


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