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I have a new appreciation – for weekends. And for Bank Holiday weekends, at that. I always enjoyed weekends, pre-baby, and during mat leave it was a lovely time to spend as a family. But now that I’m back at work, they’ve become altogether precious. It’s unhurried time to spend with my boys; time to enjoy each others’ company; time to realise again that TWM is an amazing creature who learns new things every day and loves to practise them. I miss so much of his best times while I’m at work, so I am utterly determined to make the most of the time I DO have with him. That means no internet in the short week-day hours we are together, and as much time as I can singing, playing, and generally chatting (although that’s still somewhat one-sided!).

Work itself is bearable; I think not demonising it in the run-up to my return helped with that. In the event, it’s been a relatively easy return and of course I feel as if I’ve never been away. The branch I am in has it’s challenges (don’t they all!) but it gives me an opportunity to put my own stamp on the place and to show what I can do. I have had something of a revelation to the tune of – I actually CAN do this job, I am quite good at it on my better days. I wonder if motherhood has given me more of a focus? Perhaps since I must spend so much time apart from my baby, I am trying to make it worthwhile at least – an area where I can succeed and provide a good life for us as a family, and a better one in the future.

TWM loves nursery, is always tired by the end of the day, but comes home covered in muck and glitter. The former is great because I am glad he is getting out in the nursery’s garden and enjoying the outdoors; the latter is also good as neither my husband or I are creative and I am hopeful TWM will be able to indulge his artistic urges in that setting! He has consistent reports of smiley days and happy boy, which as a mother is all I want 🙂

In other news, hubbie is on the up again. Meds are doing what they’re supposed to and I have him back almost 100%. After one of these episodes I always have a new appreciation for the engaging, humorous, quirky, lovely man he is, since I feel all of that is smothered under a heavy blanket of depression at his worst. It truly is an awful illness. However, I am also immensely grateful for my lovely friends who get me through it each time he goes under. That’s you, Rachel.

My crocheting is coming along, I only really get a chance at it at the weekends as midweek post-baby-bedtime evenings are taken up with answering questions for AQA 63336 . I have completed three squares now of my blanket, and each is marginally more accomplished than the previous. They’re still each a wee bit wonky, but they are full of effort I have put in, so that will just have to do! Pictures shall follow.

All in all, I am quite content for now. There are always things I would like to change, but I feel that in the circumstances I am in, I am making the best I can of them and enjoying it along the way. That’s enough for me.

At a wedding at the start of April


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