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Been a while

I’m not very good at this, am I?

Work and a toddler and various volunteering activities, and just, well, life really. I left my blog a week, then another, then another. And now it’s seven months later. My bad.

Going to start again though. Have signed up for a 10K in May, so have started training – will try to keep up to date here with my progress. Have already been out for three runs – did 2k last Friday, 2.4k on Sunday, and 4.2k on Tuesday morning. Slow and steady for the moment, running one minute then walking one minute, but I have felt my recovery time improve a little already. Was disappointed to put on 2lb the first week, but am assured this is normal!

TWM is a star as always. Starting to speak, and making his intentions known. ‘kit is a very useful word, as on a good day it takes me to the treat box and produces a biscotti.

Shall catch up as things occur to me. Nice to see you again.


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