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Turn off the TV…

Normally, on a Friday evening, at the end of the working week – by the time washing has been hung up, another load put away, dinner’s been made and eaten, TWM’s been bathed and put to bed – I’m good for nothing. A stupor on the sofa watching some trashy TV and a mooch around t’interwebs is about all I can manage.

This evening was beautiful. So I dragged myself up, into my trainers, and went out for a run instead of just falling onto the sofa. I only ran 3.5k, but I feel fab now. I’ve not eaten junk, and I feel I’ve earned my couple of hours relaxation afterwards.

Exercise makes you feel better. Who knew?!



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Another month. Another single line. Another fail.

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Been a while

I’m not very good at this, am I?

Work and a toddler and various volunteering activities, and just, well, life really. I left my blog a week, then another, then another. And now it’s seven months later. My bad.

Going to start again though. Have signed up for a 10K in May, so have started training – will try to keep up to date here with my progress. Have already been out for three runs – did 2k last Friday, 2.4k on Sunday, and 4.2k on Tuesday morning. Slow and steady for the moment, running one minute then walking one minute, but I have felt my recovery time improve a little already. Was disappointed to put on 2lb the first week, but am assured this is normal!

TWM is a star as always. Starting to speak, and making his intentions known. ‘kit is a very useful word, as on a good day it takes me to the treat box and produces a biscotti.

Shall catch up as things occur to me. Nice to see you again.

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I have a new appreciation – for weekends. And for Bank Holiday weekends, at that. I always enjoyed weekends, pre-baby, and during mat leave it was a lovely time to spend as a family. But now that I’m back at work, they’ve become altogether precious. It’s unhurried time to spend with my boys; time to enjoy each others’ company; time to realise again that TWM is an amazing creature who learns new things every day and loves to practise them. I miss so much of his best times while I’m at work, so I am utterly determined to make the most of the time I DO have with him. That means no internet in the short week-day hours we are together, and as much time as I can singing, playing, and generally chatting (although that’s still somewhat one-sided!).

Work itself is bearable; I think not demonising it in the run-up to my return helped with that. In the event, it’s been a relatively easy return and of course I feel as if I’ve never been away. The branch I am in has it’s challenges (don’t they all!) but it gives me an opportunity to put my own stamp on the place and to show what I can do. I have had something of a revelation to the tune of – I actually CAN do this job, I am quite good at it on my better days. I wonder if motherhood has given me more of a focus? Perhaps since I must spend so much time apart from my baby, I am trying to make it worthwhile at least – an area where I can succeed and provide a good life for us as a family, and a better one in the future.

TWM loves nursery, is always tired by the end of the day, but comes home covered in muck and glitter. The former is great because I am glad he is getting out in the nursery’s garden and enjoying the outdoors; the latter is also good as neither my husband or I are creative and I am hopeful TWM will be able to indulge his artistic urges in that setting! He has consistent reports of smiley days and happy boy, which as a mother is all I want 🙂

In other news, hubbie is on the up again. Meds are doing what they’re supposed to and I have him back almost 100%. After one of these episodes I always have a new appreciation for the engaging, humorous, quirky, lovely man he is, since I feel all of that is smothered under a heavy blanket of depression at his worst. It truly is an awful illness. However, I am also immensely grateful for my lovely friends who get me through it each time he goes under. That’s you, Rachel.

My crocheting is coming along, I only really get a chance at it at the weekends as midweek post-baby-bedtime evenings are taken up with answering questions for AQA 63336 . I have completed three squares now of my blanket, and each is marginally more accomplished than the previous. They’re still each a wee bit wonky, but they are full of effort I have put in, so that will just have to do! Pictures shall follow.

All in all, I am quite content for now. There are always things I would like to change, but I feel that in the circumstances I am in, I am making the best I can of them and enjoying it along the way. That’s enough for me.

At a wedding at the start of April

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Health in all ways

It’s been a challenging few weeks in WonderFi Towers. Those that know me will probably know that my husband suffers from recurring mental health problems, which have unfortunately reared their ugly heads again in the last month or so. When he’s in the midst of one of his episodes he is just a shadow of his normal self. None of the spark, the humour, the personality that makes him him. We always get through it together, with a few bangs and scrapes along the way. It does hurt though. It can be a very lonely time – he is my best friend, and when he shuts himself into his own sad world it’s hard not to feel rejected. I know that’s not his intention though, so I need to continue being his strength while he cannot be his own.

My return to work is speedily approaching. TWM had his first settling-in session at nursery yesterday; he seemed to love it. He slept for almost two hours afterwards so think it tired him out! I have a Keeping in Touch day on Thursday so he will have his first full day. I reckon he’ll be fine, it’ll be me who struggles! I still don’t know what branch I will be returning to; things seem to be a bit complicated in the district with demotions and moves. I am not too bothered though as I know I’ll be in the near-by area. Hopefully I’ll get a staff team who are willing to work with me.

Today I am mainly laughing at this blog – do people actually do these?! Maybe it’s actually a challenge to me to be more thrifty. I shall start making purses from old bikinis forthwith.

TWM is a star, as always. He’s started cruising around the furniture so I’m having to be constantly alert for where he might be and what he might be touching. No more cups of tea left on the coffee table.

Cruising boy

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I need tea

I have no milk, and I need tea. It is a sad state of affairs. To be fair, hubby is out at Asda now doing the weekly shop, so I won’t have long to wait. I have made do with a hot chocolate which has been in the cupboard for an extensive period of time – it may be questionable, but it filled a hole.

It’s been a poorly week in the WonderFi household. TWM wasn’t right from Sunday until Thursday, which has been really hard work. He never wanted put down and would cry if I did try. In consequence I haven’t been able to do anything much around the house and have felt like I’ve been chasing my tail. It really affects me when I am not up-to-date with house stuff – I can’t just say sod it and live in a midden. I am aware that this makes me somewhat obsessive, but I have made my peace with it. It has made me worried about going back to work in the sense that I will still have all the same amount of work to do, but with a LOT less time available. And the time I do have available, I will want to be spending it with TWM. How do working mums do it? Seriously, answers on a postcard please. I worry that my housework problem will mean I end up spending precious time with my son doing other stuff instead :o( Anyway, he had a rash, was in clear pain at times, and often refused to feed altogether, either solids or my milk. It was a challenge, but we’re through the other side now and he woke up this morning laughing – much more his normal self, he’d woken up crying most mornings this week.

In happier news, I spent a long weekend in Yorkshire last week – staying with an old friend, and meeting, in real life, people I have spoken to online for a while. It was a lovely time and I counted my blessings to have so many wonderful people I can count as friends.

Tonight we are putting TWM to bed and then having our Valentines meal, which will be either the £20 deal from Markies or the £10 one from Sainsburys. It is so easy to take time spent just the two of us for granted now that so much of life revolves around the baby, so I am looking forward to some time to re-connect.

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I nicked this from another blog, who borrowed it from here:

“When I catch myself thinking, “My husband isn’t very thoughtful,” and my mind starts kicking up examples of thoughtlessness, I retort, “My husband is very thoughtful” – and sure enough, I think of lots of examples of thoughtful behavior. When I think “My daughters squabble a lot,” I answer, “My daughters get along very well.”

I’ve been trying to do this to a certain extent with my return to work; if I tell myself I’m dreading going back and am constantly telling other people how awful it’s going to be – that will be a self-fulfilling prophecy. So I’ve been trying to remember the good things about my job, the banter with other staff and the opportunity to use my brain. I need to continue and develop this – remembering why it’s better in the long term for my career, and the treats we’ll be able to enjoy because of the salary. (Y’know, treats like food, and heating, and stuff) I think it’s also something I can apply to my family – I have a hubby who is so kind and helpful in our home, and I never want to take that for granted. I need to remember that and thank him for what he does, rather than focusing on the (very few) things he doesn’t do.

I got my belated Christmas present this week – the comfiest boots in the world, ever (TM). It’s like walking on clouds, as my sister said when she tried them on yesterday. I’m looking forward to breaking them in and making them even comfier!

Also, I finally managed to get hold of the Art of Crochet magazine the other day. It’s something I’ve been looking for for a couple weeks, as I have wanted to learn to crochet for a while. I know there are plenty of books or places online where I could start learning, but I am big enough and ugly enough to admit that I need a ‘gimmick’ to get me started on a new hobby. I enjoy knitting, but a lot of patterns call for a bit of crocheting to finish and it bugged my happiness that I couldn’t do it. So I was delighted when I found the first part of the magazine in our local supermarket – it’s been out of stock everywhere! I’m not going to buy many more issues of the magazine as once I have the basic technique I will take it on from there myself. I shall post pictures of my progress!

Longies (for over night nappies) knitted by me and my mum

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