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Today was wet, in a way that only Glasgow can be. After seeing a friend’s beautiful new house early afternoon there seemed to be a long time to fill before Daddy came home, so TWM and I got our bake on again. Just simple flapjacks this time, but twas fun 🙂

We had to revisit the ‘hot’ concept a few times. I figure it’s a good lesson for life.


They were pretty good!

Stephen is currently being a star and painting woodwork in the kitchen – phase 296 of trying to get the house ready for sale. We were aiming for having it on the market by the end of August, although it looks like it might be September the rate we’re going. Chances of being in a new house by Christmas look ever more remote!


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Good days

I have found so far, as a parent, that there are good days and bad days.  Of course, it should all be sweetness, sunbeams  and healthy snacks – but we all know that’s not the case. There are days when I am tired and grumpy, and days when TWM gets the worst of me, not the best which he deserves. I constantly feel guilt – guilt because I work, guilt because we can’t afford to live in a big house with a safe enclosed garden, guilt that we don’t seem able to give him a sibling, guilt that I don’t always have the patience to spend endless hours on the floor putting puzzles together and make-believing submarine stories over and over.

And then some days are good days. Days like today. My day off, the day it’s just me and him. This morning we went swimming (and he actually enjoyed it, rather than clinging on with a bruise-leaving pincer grip as if I might actually drop him in the liquid chlorine). This afternoon we baked. We talked, and laughed, and made a mess.

I know all of that is just a normal day for many wonder-mums. For me, though, it was a reminder that, just perhaps, I am not breaking him.

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We had family over for coffee this afternoon, so I got out the trusty Hummingbird Bakery book. After a slight hiccup (which resulted in a trip to Asda by hubbie for a new electric mixer) the black-bottom cupcakes emerged… much better than I thought, to be honest! The two mixtures seemed all wrong pre-oven – the chocolate mix was extremely thick while the cheesecake mix was really thin, almost watery. However, 20 minutes in the oven later and –

They tasted an awful lot better than they looked! The chocolate base was quite rich and heavy, but it was offset by the light cheesecake section over the top.

There’s even enough left to take to work tomorrow. Who said bribery doesn’t pay?

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