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Ah… how lovely to feel relaxed! I’d almost forgotten what that’s like.

We didn’t think we’d get away this year, as money is tighter than a tight thing wound tight, but my parents were very generous and rented a slightly bigger holiday cottage than they’d planned and took us with them. So we’re just back from a week in Fife, in Lower Largo. We were staying in White Cottage, which was not luxuriously furnished – but the location and views more than made up for that!

There were lots of trips to the park, sandcastles on the beach, and tea drunk in the conservatory contemplating the view (and futile guesses as to the types of birds who paraded themselves in front of us). Trips out, meetings with friends, life pondered and celebrated. All together, the best kind of holiday.

Our view from the house:

We had the obligatory trip to A&E due to a finger-trapped-in-electric-window incident – this was the bath workaround 1.0 –

Strawberry picking at Blacketyside Farm was a real hit, one of the best parts of our holiday. It was great for TWM to realise that strawberries don’t just appear in the supermarket. He loved carrying his tub and filling it with berries – he was no fool though, and accepted all donations from helping hands – and my, were those strawberries delicious. It makes you realise the price we pay for ‘convenience’ food – however fresh the supermarket may claim their fruit is, it’s not a patch on fresh hand-picked straight from the farm.

We spent a day in St Andrews – firstly in Craigtoun Country Park and then in the town itself, catching up with friends who’ve had a very tough year. They are inspirational, and it was wonderful to see their littlest boy looking so well and healthy. Their older boy is the same age as TWM, so they had a cracking time running around together.

And the boys and their daddies experienced the  thrill of the ride – Orient Express eat your heart out…

Oh, and we celebrated a birthday 🙂


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Getting bigger

TWM has a current favourite book – The Busy Truck – in which the truck stops at several shops: the ice-cream, the balloon, the toy, and the cake shops. Then it goes to Ben’s house, because it’s Ben’s birthday today. On Sunday, that truck stopped at our house too – for TWM’s second birthday. Eep, my baby is growing up!

To cap it all off, on Monday I took the sides off the cot – he’s been getting closer to climbing out recently and I didn’t fancy finding him in a heap on the floor, so toddler bed it is. Handily, he got a new duvet and pillow for his birthday, so he’s all set. Two nights in and it’s still a novelty, and he’s not been up any more often than he would be normally. He loves his ‘big boy bed’ –

Not sure why we needed the hat, but apparently it was a non-negotiable. It’s about picking your battles!

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