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Today I am thankful for


Comfy sofas

Clean sheets on the bed

Chilli chicken wings.


Today was brought to you by the letter C, and by cheese (Wensleydale with cranberry).

I aim to pick the blog up again soon.


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Today was wet, in a way that only Glasgow can be. After seeing a friend’s beautiful new house early afternoon there seemed to be a long time to fill before Daddy came home, so TWM and I got our bake on again. Just simple flapjacks this time, but twas fun 🙂

We had to revisit the ‘hot’ concept a few times. I figure it’s a good lesson for life.


They were pretty good!

Stephen is currently being a star and painting woodwork in the kitchen – phase 296 of trying to get the house ready for sale. We were aiming for having it on the market by the end of August, although it looks like it might be September the rate we’re going. Chances of being in a new house by Christmas look ever more remote!

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Another thing – I’ve just installed WordPress  for Blackberry on my phone, in the hope that it will help me blog more often. I see something funny in the street, read an interesting news story, worry about an issue I’d like to explore further – and by the time I sit down at the PC it’s gone from my head altogether.

We’ll see. I hope it works.

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