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We had family over for coffee this afternoon, so I got out the trusty Hummingbird Bakery book. After a slight hiccup (which resulted in a trip to Asda by hubbie for a new electric mixer) the black-bottom cupcakes emerged… much better than I thought, to be honest! The two mixtures seemed all wrong pre-oven – the chocolate mix was extremely thick while the cheesecake mix was really thin, almost watery. However, 20 minutes in the oven later and –

They tasted an awful lot better than they looked! The chocolate base was quite rich and heavy, but it was offset by the light cheesecake section over the top.

There’s even enough left to take to work tomorrow. Who said bribery doesn’t pay?


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Strawberries and cream

I’m having a cup of tea (and a sneaky bit of chocolate) while the TWM naps, and watching Venus Williams struggling against Date-Krum. This time two years ago I’d just finished up work for maternity leave, and was settled on the sofa watching week one of the same tournament. I thought I’d have several weeks of similar rest to prepare for baby’s landing – in the end I had only another few days due to his early (encouraged) arrival.

It just made me think about how different life is now – sitting down for any length of time >20mins is a luxury, and finishing a hot cup of tea – that you can put down on the floor if you wish – a distant dream. I could spend an hour in the bath and another hour moisturising (I didn’t – but I could have).  I had more spare cash than I’ll ever have again. But do you know what?

I wouldn’t change it for the world.

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