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Strawberries and cream

I’m having a cup of tea (and a sneaky bit of chocolate) while the TWM naps, and watching Venus Williams struggling against Date-Krum. This time two years ago I’d just finished up work for maternity leave, and was settled on the sofa watching week one of the same tournament. I thought I’d have several weeks of similar rest to prepare for baby’s landing – in the end I had only another few days due to his early (encouraged) arrival.

It just made me think about how different life is now – sitting down for any length of time >20mins is a luxury, and finishing a hot cup of tea – that you can put down on the floor if you wish – a distant dream. I could spend an hour in the bath and another hour moisturising (I didn’t – but I could have).  I had more spare cash than I’ll ever have again. But do you know what?

I wouldn’t change it for the world.


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