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Ailsa Hope McDerment (aka Teeny)

8th June 2012

6lb 12


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I’ve spent the morning clearing stuff out of cupboards and storage upstairs. I have a delivery coming on Friday (did I mention I’m getting a tumble drier?!) and I needed to make space in the spare room for it. To do this, I had to sort through all the clothes TWM has grown out of already… which was hard.

Weird, because I’m nowhere near ready to think about another baby; but somehow sorting through the outfits he wore when he was tiny made me miss the tiny newborn he was. I can understand how people end up having another baby quickly. Even if I could think about going through another (admittedly easy) pregnancy and birth, we can’t afford the childcare for a second child. Well, not if we’re going to pay the mortgage too, and apparently we need to do that. I go back to work in 12 weeks after mat leave, and I’m trying to get my head round the idea of leaving TWM during the day.

For all I miss my wee tiny baby, the 6-month-old I have is wonderful. He’s such good fun and makes me laugh every day.

Santa's little helper

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